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Highest quality transmission components for your Lexus GS, IS, SC and LS designed for use on the street or on the track.
Precision Industries Dragon Torque Converter - Lexus

Moderate increase in stall speed over stock. Provides better off-the-line launch characteristics and significant increases in vehicle acceleration (up to 0.7 second reduction in 0-60 acceleration). Auxiliary transmission cooler is highly recommended.
High Performance Auxiliary Transmission Cooler

Reduces transmission fluid temperatures dramatically. Comes with correct hose sizes for Lexus applications. Plate-type construction provides superior cooling over tube-and-fin-type coolers. Easy installation with simple hand tools.

Precision Industries Dragon Torque Converters - Lexus
Year Model Size Type *Approximate
Stall Speed
Part No. Price  
98-04 Lexus GS300 9.5-inch
Multi-Disc 2800 PI-GS3B $824.95
98-00 Lexus GS400 9.5-inch
Single-Disc 2800 PI-GS4B $749.95
01-04 **Lexus GS430 9.5-inch
Single-Disc 2800 PI-GS4C $749.95
01-04 Lexus IS300 9.5-inch
Multi-Disc 2800 PI-IS3A $824.95
90-97 Lexus LS400 9.5-inch
Single-Disc 2800 PI-LS4A $749.95
98-00 Lexus LS400 9.5-inch
Single-Disc 2800 PI-LS4B $749.95
01-03 **Lexus LS430 9.5-inch
Single-Disc 2800 PI-LS4C $749.95
92-97 Lexus SC400 9.5-inch
Single-Disc 2800 PI-SC4A $749.95
98-00 Lexus SC400 9.5-inch
Single-Disc 2800 PI-SC4B $749.95
02-04 **Lexus SC430 9.5-inch
Single-Disc 2800 PI-SC4C $749.95
*Will vary due to actual vehicle weight and/or horesepower level
**May cause transmission-related check engine light to activate

Transmission Cooler Kit - Lexus
Type Construction Part Number Price  
*Universal Plate DST-TC001 $129.95
*90-94 LS400 requires custom mounting brackets

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice

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