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These informational articles are intended to help educate you, and to help you understand how things work on your vehicle. They will also help you to make the correct choices when purchasing parts for or modifying your vehicle.

The articles are written for everyday people, in as simple of terms as possible, so they are easy to understand and digest. This means that on some topics, not every scientific theory and detail is covered - but obviously the points that matter are covered in a way that helps you grasp the general concept of how something works. Some are simplified theoretical writeups, but just as well, they will help you understand your vehicle and the related modifications.

This is not propaganda. There are no underlying marketing attemps from TM Engineering to sell you something. These writeups are truly for informational purposes only, and to help you make better decisions with your purchases and modifications. There is too much misinformation from pseudo-authorities on the internet these days, and hopefully this can help counter some of it.

Remember, this was designed to help others, with virtually nothing expected in return. It is a lot of work to formulate and compose this information. The only thing we ask is for you to consider TM Engineering for your parts purchases in the future, and also to refer others to these pages if you find the information helpful.

Please do not copy text and repost it somewhere without prior permission, and especially without proper acknowledgement and credit. This is a violation of copyright and will not be taken lightly. We are not kidding. Lots of time and effort were expended to create everything written here. Obviously, links back to these pages would be ideal.

For everyone else (if there is anyone left at this point), please read and enjoy the articles, and hopefully they help in some way on your road to making your car all that you want it to be!

Look for the first articles to be posted very soon!

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